The ID Register makes the investor KYC process quicker, easier and more cost effective benefitting both Investors and GPs. Data captured through the USQ is used to create a due diligence profile for every investor. Every profile is authenticated and vetted against global sanctions and PEP lists and kept up to dateĀ  by real time sanctions screening.

The Process


Investors register and complete the online form and upload required identity documents themselves to the secure portal.


Our Analysts follow the CDD process and verify identity and assess risk. Every profile is subject to sanctions screening against global sanctions and PEP lists. If the CDD enquiry results in high risk, they conduct an Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).


The verified due diligence profile is then published. The live due diligence profile is kept up to date through real time sanctions screening.


Compliance across jurisdictions

The world standards for Anti Money Laundering are set by the Financial Actions Task Force or 'FATF'. Each country then creates local legislation to meet or exceed the standards set by FATF. The ID Register applies a single policy which meets or exceeds the requirements of each jurisdiction that is listed in the table here. This ensures that profiles can be universally accepted and keeps our standards up to date with each FATF country evaluation. This also helps to prevent CDD arbitrage, and to ensure a consistent and level approach.

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