The ID Register Due Diligence

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | The ID Register

In our personal lives we share our CVs and experience, our photos, our likes and dislikes, our browsing history, where we have been, our address and in fact exactly what we are doing several times a day.

We offer a secure platform to thousands of the word's most prolific investors which creates a single profile and shares it to everyone they choose. We offer financial services firms an easy way to obtain their due diligence. We can make your lives easier in that:

  • Share one profile rather than filling out multiple forms that ask for similar information,
  • Trust our Diligence Dashboard showing the live status of all profiles,
  • Eliminate hassle and annoyance for staff and clients,
  • Comply easily with the requirements of multiple jurisdictions,
  • Secure your information in our encrypted and tested service.


Our standard Due Diligence materials are available here:

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