The ID Register is an investor onboarding platform that helps make key processes such as fund launches faster, easier and more cost-effective


The ID Register is a central industry utility for all LPs, GPs and service providers. We work in alliance with StepStone to create a universal investor onboarding platform including the Universal Subscription Questionnaire, AML/KYC information and a complete FATCA/CRS service.

The ID Register can benefit all market participants:


- One KYC, Subscription and FATCA profile across all GPs

- Regular reminder to keep it up to date

- More secure than email, post or PDF

- Control who accesses your profile



- A completely managed service – forget about KYC and FATCA/CRS

- Up to date information

- Efficiency for Investors

- Common standard across jurisdictions and service providers



- Launch bigger funds faster – existing investors will already be complete

- Complete dataset on which to form an opinion

- Seamless managed process




- Reduce barriers to new business

- Avoid the need for repeat KYC requests for existing clients

- Avoid low/negative margin KYC work

- Control regulatory risk


The ID Register is a central utility for the Private Funds industry

The online service is supported by analysts and experienced professionals who provide online and telephone support for our registered investors. The ID Register is the first technology platform of its kind in the private fund market and has been widely welcomed by the industry.